ISC uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to virtually design and build multifamily wood framed structures and foundations.


ISC integrates technology, materials and trades for seamless project delivery.

ISC BIM for Web 9 1600 x 1200

Integrated Project Delivery offers a collaborative team approach to design-BIM-build.


Virtual Design and Construction Harnesses the Power of BIM.


"Begin with the end in mind..."

Integrated Structural Concepts (ISC) combines technology and collaboration to provide a seamless design-BIM-build structural solution for multifamily wood framed projects.

At ISC we start with structural engineering, designing all aspects of the project from the pre-engineered metal plated roof trusses to post tension monolithic foundations.  We incorporate ideas from our team of field construction experts to be implemented in the construction documents.

First, we build the structure virtually in a 3-D BIM model where we can analyze each structural system and component.  Then we build it again, on the job site, using all the information gained throughout the design and BIM process.  Integrated, seamless, efficient.  High quality meets never before seen production rates.

Good bye RFI’s.


ISC offers the first usable BIM platform for wood framed construction.  Shop drawings are included in construction documents, not deferred.

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