“Gettin’ good players is easy. Gettin’ ‘em to play together is the hard part!”

-Casey Stengel

ISC has sought out and found dynamic companies who understand our vision and have common goals.  These companies are changing the way buildings can be designed and built through advanced technology and integrated software platforms.

ITW (Illinois Tool Works) has developed a software platform known as “Instinct”- Residential Design System.  Instinct connects several compatible software suites to provide an integrated software solution that is BIM based and offers real-time collaboration for the wood frame residential/multifamily construction industry.  Instinct enabled software such as VisionREZ (an AutoCAD based BIM program), VIEW (a pre-engineered wood truss engineering/design program) and hsbCAD (a specialty structural wood framing CAD/CAM program) have been linked, where each designer can work together and see each other’s modifications real time and make changes to their own work. This process and software allows for a fully coordinated 3-D model and set of construction documents.

Boise Cascade has developed TQ BUILD which integrates with Instinct seamlessly to allow for all of Boise’s line of Engineered Wood Products to effectively be designed and modeled in the same structural BIM model.  ISC uses TQ Build to design and model BCI engineered joist, Versa-Lam beams, and Versa-Rim rim joists in our projects.

PlanSwift is a digital plan management and estimating tool which allows for a fast and easy way to share plans and provide takeoffs.  PlanSwift integrates with both Instinct and Boise Cascade’s software technology.