“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

- Henry Ford

Multifamily framing is what we do best. The technology and the foundations are a bi-product of our mission to improve the trade of multifamily framing. By using all the tools we have in our tool bag, no one does it better.

Value engineering a project that has issues, no problem. Bidding a project as it’s drawn, we can do that. But when we can implement all the unique capabilities we have, to thoroughly examine and dissect a project first…that’s when we can show off our stuff.

Our model has us drilling down on every assembly, component and subcomponent to detail it out first, pre-engineer and pre-build everything we can, off-site or on-site, which ever lends itself to the project, then bring all the components together on-site to accelerate production schedules and add tremendous quality to an industry that has slipped into a “just get it close” mentality.

Money saved by expedited production rates and a smooth inspection process can far exceed the perceived savings of the low bid subcontractor. When ISC is on-site things go smooth because we’ve done our homework well in advance.