Welcome to the new ISC website.  This website has become a necessity, as things have been moving so rapidly with the development of our company, our BIM technology and IPD processes; it really becomes a challenge to demonstrate our capabilities in an e-mail or a brochure.  As you can see we have invested heavily into the BIM process.  We’ve successfully demonstrated to ourselves and to our clients that BIM is here to stay.  If you are new to this entire BIM/IPD/Lean theory, let me say: it does take time for it to sink in all the way.  You have to experience the power of the technology and processes in person to understand everything it can and will do for our industry.  So let the road lead you where it may, and enjoy the ride.  One thing is for sure, change is imminent!  We build supercomputers one week with the hottest processors and graphics card and they are overshadowed days later.  Every month there is a new announcement of a new entry or merger into the world of BIM.  Now we are seeing a big push with the integration of CAD/CAM manufacturing and the link to AEC design.  Every week brings a new revelation for us which further enforces the reasons we went down the BIM road.  We are learning about lean, how it relates to our processes in the construction industry and how to enact change to bring lean to our clients.  This month we will attend and speak at the first “Lean Building” seminar in Austin, TX.  The “team thing” is bigger than a project or a group of individuals, major corporations are recognizing the power of teaming, sharing technology, integrating processes and effectively changing the way an industry works.  This is going to be fun.  We are looking forward to talking to and meeting with many owners, architects, developers and builders who “get it”.